Here Are Natural Pest Control Methods



Pest can really be irritating, especially if it is infesting your home. There are different kinds of pest. There is a pest control method for each kind of pest. However, some pest control methods contains chemicals that could be harmful. This is one of the reasons why it is better to use natural pest control methods.


If you really want to control pest, try your best not to do things that is attractive to them. For example, cockroaches are attracted to food, that is why you your dining area and kitchen should always be clean, sweep the floor regularly and throw your garbage on a regular basis.


Below are different kinds of pest and different natural pest control methods:




Ants are attracted to food, make sure there are no crumbs in the cabinets, tables and floor, you need to cover the canister of your sugar or honey properly. One natural method from this website that you can use is cucumber slices or peels. You can leave it in places where they can enter. Ants actually has a natural aversion to cucumber. You can also use mint tea bags, citrus oil, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and coffee grounds. You can also put a light on their path so their foraging pattern can be distracted. You can also clean your floor and sink area with hot and soapy water so you can eliminate the trail of the ants.



  1. Mosquitoes


Mosquitoes are really active early in the morning and early in the evening. Mosquitoes are hampered with breezes so they prefer areas with still air. One way to avoid mosquitoes is to close doors and windows that are opposite the breeze. It is very important that you eliminate standing water, such as water bowls, birdbaths and more. Make sure that your gutters are well drained and very clean. Remove things in your back yard that can collect water. Put anti mosquito plants, such as Citronella plants.


  1. Flies


You can use herbal sachets or fly paper to eliminate flies. Basil plants  are very effective in repelling flies. You can put them on your doors or in your windows. If there is an area in your house where the flies stay, put a cloth with eucalyptus oil.


  1. Spiders


Spiders are not fond of peppermint. Put peppermint oil in a spray bottle, then spray it one your doors, windows and cob webs. Peppermint oil is safe, so it will not affect your pets or your children. Check out these clicks.


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